Press Report – November 27, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 25.11.18


Desborough faced Camberley in the 1st round of the London & Southern Counties Shield with some trepidation but needn’t have worried as they forced them into submission with an 81-53 win. It was a fantastic performance as 3 of the 4 rinks won with the other drawing. Hopefully it’s a start to an extended run in the competition.


Desborough A played Whiteknights in the Mason Trophy and because of a tardy start they fell to a 35-24 defeat.


A trip to Foxhills proved fruitless as Desborough slipped to a 36 shot defeat, 117-81. Having lost on 4 of the 5 rinks the only saving grace was Ken Scowen, Pat Arnott, Joan Kingston and Sam Stack who won by 16 shots, 29-13.


Rink scores

D Griggs, P King, C Crunden, C Woodward.          14-32

K Scowen, P Arnott, J Kingston, S Stack.            29-13

R Hughes, P Hatch, M Hobson, M Rhymer.          19-23

P Tuttle, C Howard, P Patel, D Perriman.            14-21

K Spracklen, C Dawson, R Wyatt, B Faulkner.         5-28


Herts IBC came to York Road and left with their tail between their legs as Desborough eased to a 109-75 win. With 4 rinks winning they were plenty of candidates for top rink but finally that honour went to Ken Scowen, Val Wyatt, David Webster and Sam Stack who won 26-11.


A trip to Egham resulted in a 112-96 defeat although the six rinks were shared so it could be considered a draw. The rinks skipped by Sam Stack and Sid Williams had winning scorecards but there was no doubting the top rink as Ken Scowen, Josie Williams, Brian Parish and Newark Smelt won 29-9.

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