Press Report – November 6, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Nov 6, 2017

Last Wednesday Desborough welcomed a team from Glebelands IBC (Finchley) for a 7 rink friendly fixture. Desborough began well with wins on three rinks and a draw on the fourth, along with a lead of 36 shots, at the halfway stage. Glebelands matched Desborough almost shot for shot in the second half with the overall difference at the end of the game being 37 points and a 164-127 win for Desborough with wins on three rinks.


The top rink was skipped by Ching Crunden with Ken Scowen, David Griggs and Marion Pelling.


R Hughes, P Arnott, P Hatch, C Woodward 17-31
B West, T Burrell, Y Hurley, R Hatch 34-10
K Scowen, D Griggs, M Pelling, C Crunden 42-13
P Tuhill, T Scherer, J Bucknell, D Perriman 24-16
B Faulkner, J Kingston, D Grieve, G Braddock 14-16
K Spracklen, R Turner, M Hobson 15-19
P Patel, P Tuttle, K Wells 18-22


On Saturday Desborough welcomed the Master, Knights, Gentlemen Commoners and Ladies of Southampton Old Bowling Green for a regular and highly enjoyed fixture in the calendar.


While Desborough won the game comprehensively with a final score of 183-98 and wins on six of seven rinks the score is of secondary import to the spirit and camaraderie always present in this fixture.


Two of Desborough’s rinks won by 20 shots with the top rink honours awarded to Paul Winstanley with Kath Spracklen, Ken Brooks and Ching Crunden


K Spracklen, K Brooks, C Crunden, P Winstanley 35-15
C Tupling, J Sculthorpe, D Griggs, S Stack 24-14
B Faulkner, J Roll, E Gill, M White 21-20
T Scherer, S Jasiewicz, T Buckley, D Perriman 26-10
K Scowen, P Hatch, R Wyatt, B Pocock 17-18
B West, J Cano-Lopez, M Hutley, V White 31-12
B Gill, R Turner, C Woodward, M Hobson 29-9


Everything changed on Sunday with an away fixture against Herga IBC (Harrow) which was played on six rinks. At the halfway stage Desborough had half the points of Herga with the score standing at 37-75 and winning on only two of six rinks.


Although Desborough improved in the second half pulling back eight shots from the halfway situation the final score was a 92-122 loss despite rink honours being evenly split with three wins apiece.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Bill Pocock with Joan Kingston, Yvonne Hurley and Kel Crump.


M O’Reilly, J McDonnell, M Pelling, M Whittingham 12-25
K Scowen, C Howard, R Wyatt, J Roll 10-24
M Buckle, P Tuttle, J Bucknell, J Searle 16-15
J Kingston, Y Hurley, K Crump, B Pocock 23-14
K Spracklen, C Bartlett, G Braddock, D Webster 12-28
A Burrell, V Wyatt, T Burrell, P Winstanley 19-16


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