Press Report – November 6, 2018

Desborough won three friendlies in a week and started their treble with the visit of Glebelands who were despatched by 51 shots, 160-109. Only one rink suffered a reverse, with one drawn and the rinks skipped by Dave Perriman and Sam Stack both winning by 14 shots. However there was no doubting the top rink which included a hotshot, the bowls equivalent of a darts 9-dart finish, so all the accolades go to late substitute Martin Everard, Marsha Buckles, Ray Weaver and Roger Wyatt.


Rink scores

P Arnott, M Hobson, J Bucknell, J Stannard.             17-16

R Hughes, J Marshall, J Simpson, D Perriman.           29-15

C Tupling, C Dawson, B Parish, S Stack.                25-11

K Scowen, P Patel, C Crunden, B Faulkner.              17-17

M Bellworthy, C Woodward, C Northover, D Webster.     19-16

M Everard, M Buckles, R Weaver, R Wyatt.               37-14

P Tuttle, T Scherer, D McDonald, R James.              16-20



The second leg of the treble meant a trip to West Berks IBC in Newbury which resulted in an 8 shot win, 104-96. The rinks skipped by Bruce Adams and Dave Perriman both won by 5 shots but top rink honours went to Ken Scowen, Jim Roll, Cy Woodward and Barry Gill who won 25-16. This win was made even sweeter as Barry suffered a possible match ending fall but bravely carried on and as for Jim he went out in a blaze of glory in his last game for Desborough before he goes to pastures new in Bournemouth. Desborough will have the chance to do the double in the New Year.


Rink scores

K Scowen, J Roll, C Woodward, B Gill.           25-16

R Hughes, E Gill, C Crunden, T Buckley.          19-24

K Spracklen, M Rhymer, R Weaver, B Adams.     23-18

P Tuttle, M Hobson, B Faulkner.                19-25

C Tupling, A Willis, C Northover, D Perriman.     18-13


The treble came up with the visit of Herga IBC who were beaten after an entertaining afternoon by 20 shots, 122-102. Again 1 rink suffered a reverse with one drawn but this time there was a dilemma for top rink honours. The rink of Josie Williams, Clare Buckley, Ralph Hatch and David Webster along with that of Marion Pelling, Linda Eumorfopoulos, Roger Wyatt and Eric Sharp both won with identical shot difference and ends won but it was controversially decided that the latter were top dogs as they gained more shots.


Rink scores

J Tuhill, P Hatch, S Stack, N Smelt.        16-15

E Sharp, V Wyatt, J Bucknell, S Williams.   10-27


J Williams, C Buckley, R Hatch, D Webster.         24- 9

M Pelling, L Eumorfopoulos, R Wyatt, E Sharp.      29-14

B Faulkner, A McCabe, J Smelt, D Perriman        26-20

M Hallett, C Northover, M Buckles, P Winstanley.   17-17



Desborough’s ladies played a strong Whiteknights side and gained an impressive 88-77 win. They now face the daunting task of playing Westlecot on 17 November.


Desborough’s men played West Berks in the Denny Plate but suffered an agonizing 1 shot defeat, 74-73.

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