Press Report – October 1, 2017

The first friendly game of the indoor season took place Saturday with the notable feature that the game was largely Desborough vs Desborough since the opposition was a touring side from Northampton which drew quite a few of its members from the second Desborough Bowling Club in Northamptonshire.

The visitors had the upper hand throughout with their familiarity as part of a touring side proving superior against a team mostly on their first or second indoor game after playing outdoors.

Desborough lost on all five rinks and overall by 68-169. Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Dave Webster with Roy Hughes, Michael Hobson and Barry Gill.

D Perriman, C Northover, S Stack, B Faulkner 16-21
B Harris, G Coussins, A Glover, J Bucknell 10-41
J Cano-Lopez, R Wyatt, D McDonald, B Pocock 11-38
K Hazell, B Bushell, P Winstanley, J Turner 9-41
R Hughes, M Hobson, B Gill, D Webster 22-28


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