Press Report – October 15, 2018

Desborough began their Egham Trophy campaign with a potentially tricky tie against Cambridge Park but everything fell into place and in the end had an easy passage into the next round as they won by 40 shots, 89-49. On the home rinks, Len Essex’s foursome, especially the ladies, Jan Frost and Julie Beal, put on an impressive performance to win well and Colin Jones’s rink contributed to the team effort by minimizing their loss to 2 shots. Away from home, Eddie Orme’s crew started slowly but along with Malcolm Woodley’s rink asserted their class to register excellent wins. Next up is King George Field on October 28.


Rink scores



J Frost, J Beal, K Scrace, L Essex         26-13

J Morgan, K Eales, T Eales, C Jones.      12-14




M Price, Y Stuart, B Long, E Orme.          25-12

L Woodley, H Jones, C Behmber, M Woodley 26-10


Desborough welcomed Egham to York Road but proved to be no match for the visitors as they ended up receiving a bowling lesson in a 158-93 defeat. The rinks skipped by Cy Woodward and Sam Stack did well to limit their losses to 4 shots but the kudos of being top rink went to Carole Tupling, Jim McDonnell, Ray Weaver and David Perriman who only lost on the last end by 3 shots.


Rink scores

R Hughes, J Kingston, C Northover, D Webster.               15-27

K Spracklen, M Hutley, M Buckles, C Woodward.              17-21

C Tupling, J McDonnell, R Weaver, D Perriman.               15-18

M Hallett, C Howard, J Bucknell, B Faulkner.                  17-34

L Eumorfopoulos, K Scowen,D McDonald, S Stack.            17-21

V Wyatt, A Willis, Y Hurley, R Wyatt.                          12-37


A trip to Portsmouth to play Victory IBC is an enjoyable experience but on this occasion proved fruitless for Desborough as they were humbled in a 139-84 defeat. Only one rink could return a winning scorecard so the heroes of the day were Carol Bartlett, Michael Hobson, Paul Patel and Brian Wright who won by 10 shots. Desborough will seek revenge in the return fixture early in the New Year.


Rink scores

P Arnott, P Hatch, T Buckley, R Weaver.                    18-26

R Hughes, K Scowen, M Buckles, B Gill.                   7-28

C Bartlett, M Hobson, P Patel, B Wright.                  21-11

J Kingston, T Scherer, J Bucknell, D Webster.             12-22

M Bellworthy, M Hallett, D McDonald, P Winstanley.       18-19

J Tuhill, L Eumorfopoulos, E Gill, D Perriman.              8-33

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