Press Report – October 23, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 21.10.18


Desborough once again played Cambridge Park, this time in the National Top Club and won 12-4. Although Tim Eales and Helen Jones made a valiant effort in their singles defeats, the pairs of Mary Price and Len Essex, fours consisting of Lorraine Woodley, Jenny Morgan, Brett Long and Malcolm Woodley and the triple of Jan Frost, Kevin Scrace and Eddie Orme performed magnificently to see the team through to the next round to play Whiteknights on 18 November.


Expectations weren’t high when Desborough met Westlecot in the 1st round of the Denny Cup, so it was no disgrace to lose 91-70 to a very strong side. The home rink skipped by Len Essex and the away rink led by Colin Jones did well to produce winning scorecards and the club has the consolation of now going into the Plate Competition where they will play West Berks on 3 November.


Iver Heath B C were welcomed to York Road and for an outdoor club put up a spirited performance in going down to a 166-99 defeat. Desborough won on 4 of the 6 rinks with top rink honours going to Kath Spracklen, Jan Marshall, Cy Woodward and  Brian Faulkner who won 41-9.


Rink scores

C Tupling, M Hobson, D McDonald, D Perriman.        39-11

C Howard, J Newton, M Pelling, N Smelt.              30-8

R Hughes, T Scherer, J Smelt, R Wyatt.                17-22

J McDonnell, V Wyatt, C Northover, P Winstanley.      17-28

K Spracklen, J Marshall, C Woodward, B Faulkner.     41-9

L Eumorfopoulos, P Tuttle, P Patel, B Parish           22-21


Desborough welcomed the London Welsh B A for their annual visit and after an entertaining afternoon had an 87 shot victory, 159-72. The home side won on 5 of the 6 rinks but there was no doubting who the top rink was as June Sculthorpe, Marsha Buckles, Ron James and Sam Stack won 45-17.


Rink scores

Y Hurley, K Crump, J Clark, T Buckley.        16-17

E Sharp, C Crunden, J Bucknell, E Sharp.      27-9

C Howard, C Buckley, B Pocock, B Gill.        21-11

P Hatch, E Gill, C Northover, D Webster.       19-17

J Sculthorpe, M Buckles, R James, S Stack.   45-17

C Bartlett, M Hobson, G Braddock, R Hatch.   31-11

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