Press Report – September 18, 2017

On Monday of last week Desborough played a home fixture against Marlow with three triples. At the midway stage Desborough were winning on two of the three rinks despite being seven shots adrift however by the close of play Desborough had slipped to a 27 point deficit 36-63 and lost on two rinks with a draw on the last.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Val Wyatt with Pam Harrison-Smith and Paul Patel.

P Arnott, M O’Reilly, M Pelling 10-14
P Patel, P Harrison-Smith, V Wyatt 22-22
K Spracklen, A Harris, S Newnham 4-27


On Tuesday Desborough played an away fixture against Suttons with five rinks of triples. At the midway point the situation looked bleak for Desborough with a 24 point deficit and winning on only one of the five rinks. By the end of the match this rink had also succumbed and Desborough lost by 63 points 55-118.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Val White with Steff Jasiewicz and Brian Wright.

P Patel, C Crunden, T Buckley 14-29
S Jasiewicz, B Wright, V White 10-17
G Braddock, G Coussins, D Griggs 10-31
J Bosley, R Earl, M Hobson 11-22
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